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May 10th 2006

Flying was moderate. The winds were heavy at times, and the planes weren't doing so well. We need to purchase three cell packs. Matt did really well flying the Frog. Prachi is catching up quickly.

click for matt's flight video

April 19th 2006

Tom brought in his foam SU-27 and repaired it after Mr.Voicheck nearly landed it on the roof two weeks ago. At least it didn't go on the roof.


  Ryan brought in his Air Hogs Aero Ace. This plane is so small and only weighs 19g. We flew it in the gym and H-14!

click here for Aero Ace video

April 5th 2006

John, Prachi, Matt, and Mr.Voicheck worked on getting the Skeeter (HLG) built. The wing was started and is halfway done. We're hoping to have the plane done by mid May. How should we cover it?

March 1st 2006

Today the club flew outside with the frogs. The club has done more flying this year, than all years combined. Ryan brought his Yak-54 and flew it alongside the two frogs. It was much faster than the other planes.

click for flight video

February 22nd, 2006

The club was flying two frogs at the same time, and Mr.Voicheck wasn't at the controls. Prachi was able to get some flight time on the buddy box, and Matt was flying around, with his repaired frog. The weather wasn't too bad for winter, but we had to come in once to warm up. Tom and Ryan want to combat the frogs.

  February 15th, 2006

Matt put two long flights on his Frog with out any assistance from Mr.V. He is a natural to RC Flying. A gust of wind took the plane and pushed the nose into the ground, so it will need some repair for next week. While Matt was flying, Mr.V found a few seconds to fly the other Frog next to Matt's Frog. This marks the first time two planes were flown at the same time; one flown by a student and the other flown by Mr.V.

check out the flight video
Matt Launches Foam Airplane

February 1st, 2006

The Frogs are finally finished. It was a calm afternoon for flying and Matt, Prachi, Mr.Waddington and I went out to attempt some flying. One frog had a dead transmitter battery so we swapped crystals to temporarily fix this problem. The plane flew very well as you can see in the video below. The other plane had the motor wired backwards, so that will hopefully be fixed for next week's meeting.

Click for the first frog flight video

  January 2006

Tom's latest frog, which he ripped apart at the meeting, was shown a video which Alex shot with his new digital video camera. Tom was running his mouth so the video won't be posted. There might be some pictures shown here later.

Late October 2005

...and a high five back at you dude!
(Tom and Alex celebrate an awesome build)

Here are Tom and Alex with Tom's FoamFly Frog. It flew for the first time on November 9th at 7pm, in the old NPHS Pool. Since this date, Tom has put together at least two more.

Click for tom's flight in Auditorium

Early October 2005

The club purchased equipment for electric aircraft. The funding was provided by The Foundation and we are eternally grateful for their support. The pictures show a few members working on cutting out the Foam Frogs. We would like to have three Frogs in flying condition at all times.

September 2005

Plans for this jet were ordered in Late September. It is a scale model of a Learjet 24. It is the goal of the club to have one flying by June 2006.
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