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May 24th 2007

Today was the last meeting of the year and it was eventful. Karl and Mr.Voicheck performed a search and rescue operation on a "Fly-away", Jack and Ryan flew/destroyed/repaired one of the Frogs, and Matt flew the Buttercup.

The pictures mostly cover the rescue of the modified Frog, renamed the "Platypus." The rudder linkage was dislodged somehow in flight, and the plane was unable to turn around. There was a lot of thermal activity which created even more problems.

The plane was found about half a mile away in a fenced in area next to one of the local radio station's antennas. The kind staff at 1440 WNPV were courteous to our needs and responded quickly to our request. With little questions and a completely in-tact aircraft, we headed back to the school to fix the rudder.

April 29th 2007

Matt brought in his plane, nearly finished and nearly covered. He made a few design changes because of weight distribution problems. The plane looks fantastic and was completely designed, built, and laser cut by him.

April 11th 2007

Matt laser cut the parts for his plane, while Jeff worked on a poorly designed plane Mr.Voicheck came up with. Needless to say it didn't fly.

March 28 2007

March winds and weather have kept us grounded. But because Matt finished the Buttercup last week and he never had an official maiden flight, we bared the elements and ventured to the field. Luckily, the ground was mostly dry, and the wind was steady.

The official maiden flight went very well despite breaking off the landing gear and ten MPH winds. Matt flew the plane with authority. Mr.Voicheck had his original  Buttercup flying and the two were flying in formation. Karl worked on the frog, and is hoping to have it finished in two weeks.

January 24 & March 7 2007

Matt worked on the Buttercup while Karl worked on the frog. We've been restricted to building only meetings because of the weather.

February 21st 2007

We were finally able to fly today. The winds weren't too strong, and the temperature was in the lower fifties. We were pleased with the flights as we burned through a few packs. Unfortunately, the snow got to one of the lipos. After further inspection we found out that it still works.

One of the frogs was rigged to carry a parachute and drop it via a servo. It worked, but the plane was really struggling to fly with the excess drag. We'll have to redesign our drop mechanism (hot-glued servo to the side of the plane) an get it to integrate with the plane instead of adding it to the plane.

Matt and Nick were both signed-off as certified to fly the frogs by themselves. The club now has three members who are soloed. This little taste of warm weather brings thoughts of countless hours planned for springtime flying. It was a great meeting.

January 10th 2007

Work continued on the Frogs but the weather didn't allow any flying. We're hoping for some calm weather next week.


  December 20th 2006

We started today's meeting by finalizing one of the frogs, and finished the meeting by putting a maiden flight on the second frog.

Nick and Matt posed for a quick picture after Matt's successful flight with the frog.

Matt working on the Buttercup

The crew including the newest frog
December 13th 2006

The weather held out today for a quick flight with the first to be completed new frog. She was flown with much success. The only problem she had was a twist in the wing pulling it right. The next frog should be completed by the 20th. The motors we're using in the frog are much more powerful than the ones we have used in the past. We upgraded to a 100C-
Matt explaining flight to Tim

The guys nearly finishing the frogs

Buttercup Fuselage

Matt working on Buttercup
December 6th 2006

Today was another building day. We've had some bad luck with winds and we need to get some frogs finished. The weather hasn't cooperated with us and we can't find an open gym to use.
the "guys" working on the Frogs

Ryan installing pushrods












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