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June 4th 2008

We held our last meeting of 2007-08 today. The weather held out for flying, but it was so bright, it was difficult to see. Mr.V forgot his good camera, so the picture quality isn't what it normally would be. Trevor also took some pictures today.

We performed combat flying with streamers. Steven's Bearcat, the two P-40's, and one of the biplanes constantly chased and cut each other's streamers down. Drew smashed up the platypus, by folding the wing in flight. The propeller lodged itself in the wing of the plane as it plummeted to earth.

Tyler brought in his Supercub again and worked on landing techniques. After hitting a light pole, the wing broke in half. With the wonderful discovery of hot glue, the plane was in the air less than ten minutes after the crash. He also practiced taking off from smooth surfaces. We came to the conclusion that the hobby zone Supercub is a great starter plane.


May 28th 2008

If we had weather like this everyday, we'd have to have more club meetings. Less than twelve hours after the fun-fly the weather is absolutely perfect.

Tyler was able to fly his Supercub, and had multiple successful landings. Drew broke the platypus and then fixed it.

Steven and Matt 'fought' the P-40's and had a few near misses, with one prop strike to the rudder.

Trevor was upset about putting down his biplane. The odd thing is his plane never flew correctly in the first place.

Next week, June 4th, will be the last meeting of the year. Please make sure to submit your email address to Mr.Voicheck.

  May 27th 2008

Tonight we tried to host our fun-fly. The rain hit us around 7:45. We did get some flying in before the lightning stopped us. The weather forecast for the meeting tomorrow looks much better. Shown is the only picture taken at the fun-fly. Note the new biplane next to Pat, with the Iron cross on the wings.

Next year we'll plan for better weather.

May 21 2008

Our fun-fly was rained out, and we had to push it to our rain date of May 27th. We're hoping for better weather next week. Having an extra week to prepare for the fun-fly is actually a nice breather, but some students will be unable to make it that evening.

Pat and Drew remade their biplane because it looked awful. They will finish installing the electronics next week. Using the templates and the scroll saw provided a quick and easy method for producing multiple planes accurately, and safely.

Steven brought in his balsa sheeting Bearcat and flew it for us. It is a really nice flying aircraft and beautifully put together for a profile plane.

Jack put the finishing touches on the P-40, and Matt cut out a P-40 to take to college next year.

May 7 2008

I think someone forgot to order rain this year. It was a absolutely beautiful day for flying.  Besides the gentle wind gusts, we were able to fly all afternoon. And, with the addition of another polycharger, we can charge eight batteries at once.

Matt and Weston performed and completed their brushless upgrade surgery on the biplane. The first launch showed the plane needed major adjustments. The second flight was much more successful. It's CG is still off by a lot.

Matt and Matt posed for a picture of the barely cracked nose on the P-40. A line of hot glue fixed it, but only after they flew the battery dead.

Top right; Drew, Steven, and Pat discuss the importance of using the frequency board. As our flight light gets busier every week, flying safely becomes more and more important.


April 23 2008

What more could we want? It was an amazing day for flying. Both biplanes, the frogs, and the p-40 flew non-stop. Steven's dad showed up with two custom built foam aircraft.

Drew spent a few minutes putting the finishing touches on our frequency board. It will be up and running for our next meeting in May.

April 16 2008

Today was another perfect day for flying. From top left; The Buttercup completed a few flights before a rough landing bent the prop shaft. Matt stands on the sticks while Trevor launches the biplane. The field shown with a group of students flying. Bottom left, Matt flies the platypus for a high pass overhead.

Top right, Drew and Pat repaired their biplane after a rough encounter with the ground. The motor slid back and jammed itself against the motor mount. Next, Matt finished the P-40 and was able to complete a successful test flight. A quick last minute pre-flight was performed and the plane was launched. There are a few pictures of the process.

We discussed plans for our fun-fly on May 20th, and double checked to see who had not received their AMA license yet.

April 9 2008

What a beautiful day we had for flying. The wind was gently blowing, but it was amazingly wonderful outside. Matt brought in is SuperCub and flew all three batteries.

Pat smacked the bipe into a light pole after hand launching the buttercup with a reversed elevator servo and cracking the nose of the plane.

March 19 2008

Today was another successful day. despite the rain, we flew in the gym for a bit and headed to the auditorium. Mr. Voicheck broke the newly upgraded, brushless biplane. It was soon fixed and ready to go.

Steven brought in his Blade CP to get help with tuning it for better flight.

Shawn tore apart the broken and mangled older fuselage to rebuild the biplane and get it flying again.

March 12 2008

The meeting was filled with flying, crashing, simulating, and building. Matt worked on getting the SU-27 back in order, but managed some gym flying of one of the bipes. We had a fun time.

February 28 2008

The flight simulator was running and we had a blast flying everything on the computer. Tyler spent some time on the sticks with his Blade CX. The helicopter flies very well.

AMA membership information was collected and will be mailed over the weekend.

February 20 2008

The gym was open at the end of the day and we were able to fly for just over half an hour. They Loong max 500mAh 2 cells aren't holding up to our expectations. We will need to come up with a plan to keep our battery supply fresh. We have decided on a club logo and should have our shirts finished by the end of March.

February 13 2008

Today we took our club photo. Although we were missing a few members, this is the majority of the club. Due to inclement weather, the gyms were open and indoor flying continued well past 3:30.


January 30th 2008

Both biplanes are done! We took the first one out for a spin at the start of the meeting. It still seems under powered so we switched props and will try again next week. Too windy again to fly outside.

Now that the biplanes are complete, plans are in the works to have the rookies work on adding another biplane and two more buttercups to the fleet.

January 23rd 2008

We test flew the first complete biplane today in the gym. It seems a little under powered but flew wonderfully inside. Biplane #2 should be ready in the next week or so. We will also be working on refitting an R/C blimp we found.

January 9th 2008

Today we worked on getting the biplanes ready to fly. Unfortunately we couldn't fly today because it was way too windy outside and the gyms were in use.

December 19th 2007

Today was a busy day for the club. The biplanes were nearly completed and the excitement is building, literally. Matt brought in his home build F-22 with thrust-vectoring. Unfortunately, the wind was fierce and forced the plane down violently. I believe the term is "controlled landing into terrain."

This was the last meeting of the 2007 year. We're hoping for a calm winter to allow for lots of flying. Enjoy your time out of here.

December 5th 2007

The biplanes are getting closer to completion. Our members are working diligently to get them completed by January.

November 28th 2007

It was a nice day for flying. The weather held out for a few flights. Our veterans, Matt and Matt, spent the class flying the Buttercup and the Platypus. The rookies spend the class building the foam biplanes. We're hoping to have them completed before Christmas.

November 14th 2007

The students cut out biplanes using the scroll saw modified for use with 0.032" piano wire. At 1200 oscillations per minute, the wire generates enough heat to cut the foam nicely. You can't cut yourself on the wire.

Matt flew the buttercup and worked on his moving his C-17 design from AutoCAD to Inventor. Pat glued the frog back together and was able to fly for part of the


October 24th 2007

Today's meeting was headed off by a demonstration by Jack's microZ helicopter. Tyler brought in his Blade CX for tuning after he crashed it a few months ago. Matt worked on the CAD files for his C-17. Carl took the time as an opportunity for fixing the Platypus nose.













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