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May 20th 2009

The day was so beautiful, we spent almost every second outside. It was awesome seeing the students fly the planes as well as they can.


May 13th 2009

Matt came back to show off his new toy. The Hobby-Lobby F-18 was awesome in the air.

Alex finished renovating his biplane...again.






May 6th 2009

The weather is much nicer that last week. It was warm and not rainy. We put tons of hours on the planes today.

Matt had some picturesque landings with the Cessna.

Pat led a group of students in a flying demonstration with the P-40.

Alex and Ryan repaired their biplanes.









April 22nd 2009

Building and flying continued through the meeting. The weather is looking better and better everyday.




April 15th 2009

Matt worked on his 'new' duraplane. A former club plane now resides with him.

Ryan continued repairs on the biplane and helped Ben cut out new parts.

April 1st 2009

With two new planes to fly, we managed to venture into as many flying locations as possible.

Matt worked on his 'new' helicopter.

Ryan cut out new parts on his biplane.

March 25th 2009

Matt decided to make a basket with the parkzone Cessna. we had to lower the net from it's original height to get it.

Since we're done with the fun-fly it was time to recoup by building new planes.

March 21st

Click here for our 2009 Indoor fun-fly Photos


March 11th 2009

Today's meeting was the last before our fun-fly. Matt and Dan frantically worked to complete their Shockflyer Cessnas. Matt finished but Dan is still working on his.

March 4th 2009

Brian seized the opportunity to fly a biplane in the gym. The weather was too cold to fly outside.


February 25th 2009

We had a small break from the heavy wind a cold with a balmy 45, and light winds. The sun was warm but the air was cool.

Brian brought in his RTF plane and somehow managed to fly it into the bus garage, after a quick repair.

We found out that Kyle likes pop-tarts and that Alex really likes hot glue. Ryan and Ben made some adjustments to their plane. It flew a lot!

February 18th 2009

Winter sports ended and spring sports are yet to start. This allows open gym time. A lot of flying, repairing, and watching occurred. It was a blast having extended gym time.

Tyler brought in his new Blade 400. He constructed a homebrew landing gear with dowels and zip-ties. It worked very well.

Matt worked on constructing the shock-flyer Cessna. It will require another two hours of work before flying.

Kyle is caught in flight, skipping rope and jumping for joy about aircraft. He had a very successful first flight today.

February 11th 2009

Another meeting was filled with foam and fun. We finished many planes and gave some first flights for the newbies.

Rinkal and Sindeep worked diligently to complete their plane, but continued to run into problems. Mr.Voicheck stepped in to help. Pat flew circles around Mr.V while he took some photos.

We are only five weeks away from our first fun-fly and we are very excited.

February 4th 2009

The gym was open and flying continued. The guys worked on keeping their planes in one piece. A lot of hot glue kept them in the air.

January 14th 2009

The winter weather has officially turned sour on us. Indoor flying is our only option. Matt finally flew the J-3 in the gym. He modified the dihedral to obtain a better turning radius. The plane is very graceful in the air.

 Our newbies need flight training and a gym is too small for the planes. Pat inspects the damage after Erica's flight. By their expressions, you can tell something is very wrong.

January 7th 2009

As the holiday's wrapped up, the students came back with new toys and new ideas. There was an electric feeling in the club, mostly because we fly electric planes, but also because we had new and exciting aircraft at our meeting.

Drew brought in his micro flyer and treated lucky members of the club to a flight. The plane flew very well in the gym. It operates from rudder/throttle control.

Matt worked his hardest to complete the J-3 by the end of the meeting. All three gyms were occupied and the auditorium lobby was too small. Flying will have to wait until next week.

When the weather is bad, gyms are occupied, and your plane isn't flyable, log some time on the simulator.

Pat brought in his HoneyBee helicopter. It flew very well, despite needing some minor adjustments. It runs off a 3 cell lipo, and a brushed motor.

Steve, from last year, visited with his combat plane. It features a folded wing and a servo for each aileron.

Rinkal and Sindee's biplane awaits a motor mount.

  December 17th 2008
(no pictures from the meeting)

December 10th 2008

We took our club photo today. Numbers have grown significantly in a few years.


December 3rd 2008

Since the weather was beautiful but very cold, some flying took place. A lot of crashing took place too.

The new club members spent most of the meeting working on their biplanes. They should be operational by the January 7 meeting.

Steven, a MAC alumni, and his father stopped by to show off their lady bug design. The plane is also bluecor foam but it's painted nicely. It is very aerobatic.

The time of year for flying outside has nearly come to a close for 2008. We will probably wait until spring '09 to emerge with our new creations. Hopefully the gyms will provide an opportunity for us to fly.


November 19th 2008

As usual, the club meeting was filled with simulating time, building, repairing, and fun.

The biplanes are nearing completion, and the students are excited to fly them.

Matt updated the buttercup with the same brushless motor we use in the biplane. It flew miraculously after he figured out his left from his right.

Sindeep and Rinkal proudly installed the control horns and the pushrods for their plane.




November 12th 2008

November weather can be good or awful. Today's weather was good. High 40's allowed Pat to fly his rescaled plane outdoors. Last meeting's adventure outdoors was not as successful.

Top left, Evan glues his wings together as Harshil inspects the tail pieces. Sindeep and Rinkal worked meticulously to get the elevator and rudder taped on correctly. Matt severed the P-40's wing from the fuselage. He was flying minutes later. Pat crunched his plane up after trying too many snap rolls. He only broke propeller and needed a drop of glue.

Trevor is seen cleaning up here. This is a rare moment for any student in the club. And, the last picture is pat with a whole functioning plane at the end of a meeting. This is also a rare moment for students in the club.


October 29th 2008

Top left, Trevor and Vu spend some time on the simulator. Vu has never flown anything R/C before. He enjoyed his time on the computer. Kyle is aligning parts of his biplane, while Drew rolls the camber into the wing. Pat is carefully removing foam from the top wing.

Top right, Trevor helps Harshil and Evan align the wings on their biplane. They are approaching a nearly complete aircraft. Evan takes a break from a hard days work to ponder airplane flight.

One of the gyms had open time so the guys went over to fly. Being really rainy, it helped the students get their flying fix for the week.

Pat made some on site adjustments to the biplane. As it turns out, the batteries he tried were not charged. They gave a false reading and would not work with the airplane.



October 22nd 2008

Building and flying continued at this meeting. Last week we lost a meeting due to a half day.

Pat brought in his design; unfortunately it was really windy and the plane could not fly correctly.

It survived to quick flights.

Tyler brought in his coaxial heli again. His hovering skills are increasing quickly.


October 8th 2008

After collecting AMA information for members, we began cutting our foam planes. The simulator received a lot of use and will continue to play a role in training the new pilots.

Drew gave a demo on cutting the aircraft parts from foam using our scroll saw and wire. Pat gave flight lessons by using the buddy box.

October 1st 2008

Our first general membership meeting went very well. Mr.Voicheck talked for the first half hour about what the club does and what being a member of the club means. It concluded with flight demos and simulator time.

Flight demos were put on by Drew and "Jack". The P-40 and biplane flew well despite the gusty winds.

The flight simulator was a hit with our current as well as new members. Check out the photos for proof.

For anyone who missed the meeting, our membership is open all year. Students are welcome to join at any point. We ask that anyone who joins needs to attend two meetings a month to retain membership. Membership includes your AMA license fee.



September 17th 2008

Today was the "unofficial first meeting" of the 2008-08 school year. Returning member were welcome back, but new members were not yet allowed. Our first official club meeting will be held in two weeks, on October 1st.

Tyler brought in a new indoor plane. The plane weighs 13grams and is fully controllable. The three channel plane costs under $130 and comes with everything you need to keep it flying. It includes a 2.4Ghz radio too!

Matt, Pat, and Drew all flew the planes from last year and inventoried the old equipment. Plans were made to add shelving on top of the cabinets. We agreed to purchase two 2.4Ghz radios, and push the club towards channel free flying.














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