North Penn Model Aviation Club
"the MAC"
since Fall 2003

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This page is dedicated to all the help we have had in getting started as a club. The dates are listed in chronological order, not by the donations received. Thank you for helping us get started and continue to provide inexpensive RC instruction to the students of North Penn High School.

  Fall 2003  
  Mr.Boyer : donated the LT-40 Trainer.  
  Fall 2004  
  the Foundation : $600 - Model Aviation Grant  
  Fall 2005  
  the Foundation : $600 - Micro Air Vehicle Grant  
  Fall 2006        
  Dr.A Bame : assorted equipment (too numerous to list)  
  Fall 2006        
  Mr. Josten : antique RC Hirobo Shuttle, and a Carl Goldberg Cessna Skylane  
  Winter 2010        
  Mrs.Kaffenberg : equipment from her late father      

Tony Reamer : Assorted RC planes and equipment from a coworker

  Spring 2010        
  Dave Segal : electric biplane      
  Dave Lockhart : Multiport charger for single cells      
  Summer 2010        
  Dave Segal : 6channel radio, autogyro      
  Fall 2010        

Dave Segal : multiple ESC's, mutiple BL motors


Dream-Flight : Alulas w/ batteries

  Ron Angle : two Hobby Lobby Lamas      
  Dave Lockhart : AR6110      
  Tom Casani : RC plane and equipment      
  Dave Garbern : two Motorola Walkie Talkies      

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